Email Marketing

Email marketing is the technique of branding the products using the bulk emails to correlate with the audience for the promotions or boosting the sales. We all can do a lot of things with the emails like selling the products, reaching to the wider audience, share some news, or just tell a story.

Most of the clients ask us that Email Marketing is a satisfactory instrument to reach a wider audience and can offer good sales? SEOPack247 says that if your brand wants to make communication with the prospective purchasers in regard to the brand, then email marketing is a very effective mechanism. In the investigation of 2015, each penny spent on the email has given a normal of 30 times the investment. Numerous customers assume that whenever they want to buy something, they always look for emails to check the offers and discounts.

SEO Pack 247 is the most esteemed name in the market offering the brands most efficient, and sales drove the Email marketing process at very pocket-friendly rates.
Regardless of whether you are doing business from the last decades, or just begin your small start-ups, the budget will vary from business to business. We have separate designs for each package that includes package worth, deliverable, time span, and so on. Our brands are allowed to choose whatever suits them.

Our Email Marketing Tool Will Covered-
1. Promotional campaign
2. Event marketing campaign
3. Loyalty and onboarding campaign
4. Mail format/ template that is available to use
5. Personalized and dynamic content

Email Marketing Features
SEO Pack247 offers a user-friendly interface with drag and drops email editor that is accessible with the free formats that help the brands to use the Email Marketing techniques within the next minute and savor the productive outcomes.

When any brand uses SEOPack247 Email Marketing techniques, they are permitted to use the report and tracking mechanism. This is open with real-time reporting to understand the client inclinations based on email click and dropouts.


With the guidance of an Email marketing campaign, SEOPack247 offers an email portal that is easy to import, manage, and organize the email list. This feature is accessible 24×7 to keep our brands savored.

The next best feature that is accessible with the Email Marketing campaign effort with us is that we offer a consent-based email process with spam management, dedicated IT specialists for help, and email authentication for energetic delivery reports.