Google Anyalytics

The best method of contacting out to both new and old customers is through a website. If you own a website and essentially market your services through your website, you might be interested in knowing how people reach your website and what they do.

Google Analytics can give you information about your site, which you can utilize while making business decisions. Google Analytics is likewise easy to use, has great features, and is FREE. You should simply effectively actualize Google Analytics for your site, and you will have a perfect web analytics package for your enterprise.

Our Services
1.Site Statistics
Get basic metrics and data on how people are using your website. You can also track visitors around your website.
1. Top Referrers and Keywords
2. Most Popular Content
3. Geographic Information about the audience of your site

Site statistics are suitable for: Sites with low traffic sites with minimum content, outreach sites, etc

2.Advanced Analytics
Path Analysis
1. With information on how people are moving around your site, you can raise your consumer satisfaction levels
2. Target more significant solutions and products to your customer’s segments
Goal Setting
1. Recognize your main success points, such as customer-driven goals, sales-driven goals, etc
2. Encourages you to understand which parts of your website is a success and which parts are falling. With such information, you can stop inconvenience before it comes. For instance, keeping a close eye on help metrics and customer support can help you
Funnel Analysis
1. If you engage your clients in a stepwise procedure, you will see that people will drop off at each step
2. It is your obligation, to make it easier for your client to accomplish what he set out to do
3. By investigating and testing you can reap the rewards of increased customer turnover
Ad Campaigns
1. Coordinate information from your banner and online Adwords with your site analytics data
2. Discover the true worth of every potential client that comes to your site by going past CPC
3. We can give you the competitive analysis that you require, whether you advertise with publicizing with MSN, Google or Yahoo
Integrating Offline Data
1. The clients for a lot of companies don’t exist only in the online world. There are a lot of connections that take place in the real world, such as payments, the package delivers or telephone interactions
2. You can merge your information from unrelated sources and present a coherent picture by using the latest tools and data visualization software

Advanced Analytics is suitable for: Websites with a lot of traffic, registration paths, and diverse referrers and keywords.

Flash Tracking
1. Normal site following estimates disregard the presence of Flash
2. We can label your flash pages so that important functionalities are tracked
Custom GA Codes
1. At times, the data that has to be gathered is dynamic and changes depending on the situation
2. Our web analysts can work with your web development group to make sure that your reporting prerequisites are met despite the requirements

4.Optimization Testing
Testing is fundamental to the running of a successful website, as, without testing, no one can tell what is really working.
A/B Testing
1. This includes testing various variations of a particular page
2. A/B testing ends up being particularly useful when comparing the overall design or single elements
Multivariate Testing
1. Although A/B testing is helpful, it has some limitations. Multivariate testing, then again can test blends of different components
2. MVT testing can acquire dramatic results by varying online factors such as design, copy, images, etc
3. MVT testing can assist you to make the most of your site and get ahead of your competitors