Instagram Marketing

As the quickest growing social media platform, Instagram’s meteoric rise prompted Facebook to purchase the platform in 2012. The stage arrived at 1 billion active monthly users in 2018 and still hasn’t looked back. Today, more than 25 million businesses use the platform to capture attention, incite interest, create desire, and compel action.

So what is Instagram all about? If in case you didn’t know, Instagram is and was consistently about pictures. Out of the entirety of the huge systems, Instagram has the highest engagement rate. Preferring a post on Instagram is incredibly easy (you just double tap on a picture as you scroll through your feed) and people tend to do it more on Instagram than on Twitter or Facebook. More recently, Instagram is likewise treading on establishing a video platform with the launch of IGTV.

Since Facebook bought Instagram, you can use the Business Manager platform for Instagram as well. Simultaneous campaigns on Instagram and Facebook have yielded incredible results and is something that should be a strategy for your social media marketing in Nepal.

New highlights such as stories, interesting filters, being able to blur out in photos and videos keep the excitement afloat. We comprehend that Instagram holds very good potential for any form of business. Remembering all the features of Instagram in mind it becomes essential to use it as a marketing aid. We cater to all the needs of how to promote on Instagram by providing services inclusive of:

Set up a Company Profile
First of all, you can’t promote your business unless you are present with a suitable profile that exactly presents who you are and what your services are.

Content Writing for Profile
A significant part of any post/bio is the content the more well worded and legible the content is the more it helps in getting the relevant attraction.

Customized URL Creation
Leave the details to the veteran and let them create magic. When the URL is created we add your Instagram URL to your website and a call to action of following you there.

Creation of Hashtags
A very important part of Instagram marketing technique is for gaining publicity is using appropriate hashtags, we create these for hashtags curated for you.

Image and Video Optimization
A dominant part of posts on Instagram is in the form of visual content comprising either of videos or photos hence the improvisation of these is also very crucial and we take special care of it. Videos on Instagram get more consideration engagement by the audience and we as an agency provide video marketing services at affordable costs.

Spam Monitoring
We screen this aspect well and also delete unsuitable negative comments.

Instagram Ads
To focus on a specific audience at the correct time Instagram ads come to the rescue. Instagram ads appear to potential customers based on their online behavior which makes it the perfect marketing tool! We take all the fundamental variables in ad creation including the design and ad creation, ad setup and it’s promotion and management.

Monthly Audits and Reports
The development that takes place should be noticeable to you hence we follow a transparent policy where we send you monthly reports to inform you how the page is performing. Other than that we give u refreshed every week to let you know the status. We have various kinds of packages to suit different business needs.