Linkedin Marketing

Here’s something you probably won’t have known: LinkedIn is older than Facebook. Established in 2002, LinkedIn’s growth never exploded like Facebook’s. In any case, they’ve been around for 17 years and have grown to over 590 million members.

LinkedIn isn’t just about who you think, yet about who your connections know. It has developed from a platform for job seekers to an immense content platform. People share status updates, articles, and connect with each other within a business or professional context. LinkedIn is the #1 channel B2B marketers use to advertisers content at 94%.

Linkedin is significantly more relevant for social media marketing in Nepal, as very few brands are active on the platform. With right around 5,40,000 Nepali users on LinkedIn, it is an excellent platform to establish your brand.

How to promote your business on LinkedIn for free
As a social media platform, LinkedIn is a touch of an odd duck. It’s a job search site, a recruiting app, a social media platform, and a professional business networking site all simultaneously. It has more close to home data about you than some other media. Barely anybody on Twitter or Instagram knows where you went to school or what organizations you volunteer for, but on LinkedIn, all that info is there for your connections to see.

That’s why promoting yourself on LinkedIn looks somewhat changed. While sharing must-read updates and connecting with your network in the comments is still an important part of a well-rounded marketing strategy, there’s some other stuff you can try out.

1. Optimize your personal profile
No matter what sort of business you need to promote on LinkedIn, the personal profile is where it all starts. To attract potential partners and clients, you need an attractive profile that tells people exactly what you do and gives them a reason to connect with you.

The banner, headline, and profile summary let us know exactly what Anneke does. Use your LinkedIn profile to situate yourself just as clearly — tell us who you are, what you do, and why it matters.

Your profile is the stone on which you’ll build the rest of your LinkedIn marketing strategy. Putting time in refining it now will put you in a much stronger position later.

2. Create a company page
If you’re an advertiser, business owner, or entrepreneur you need a company page. A LinkedIn company page gives you an approach to tell potential clients, partners, and random strangers a bit more about your business.

A company page works correspondingly on your personal page. Your name and logo appear near the top, alongside a Follow button. Underneath, in your About area, you share more about who you are, what you do, and include a link to your site.

3.Content Writing for Profile
A very important aspect of any post/bio is the content the more eloquent and legible the content is the more it helps in getting the relevant attraction.

4.Customized URL Creation
Leave the details to the veteran and let them create magic. When the URL is created we add your Instagram URL to your website and a call to action of following you there.

5.Creation of Hashtags
A very important part of Instagram marketing system is for gaining publicity is using appropriate hashtags, we create these for hashtags curated for you.

6.Image and Video Optimization
A majority of posts on Instagram are visual content comprising either of videos or photos hence the improvisation of these is also very crucial and we take special care of it. Videos on Instagram get more consideration engagement by the audience and we as an agency provide video marketing services at affordable costs

7.Spam Monitoring
We screen this aspect well and also delete unsuitable negative comments.

8.Instagram Ads
To focus on a specific audience at the correct time Instagram ads come to the rescue. Instagram ads are shown to potential clients based on their online behavior which makes it the perfect marketing tool! We take all the essential factors in ad creation including the design and ad creation, ad setup and it’s promotion and management.

9.Monthly Audits and Reports
The development that takes place should be visible to you hence we follow a transparent policy where we send you monthly reports to advise you how the page is performing. Other than that we give you updates every week to let you know the status. We have various kinds of packages to suit different business needs.