Social Media Marketing (SMM)

social media marketing is the use of social media platforms to advertise or market your services and products. Each advertisement has a comparative motivation behind showcasing, for example, to expand brand awareness, increase sales and transformations and drive traffic to their website.

Social media was first made with the purpose of information and communication. But, the time has changed in totally various ways. People these days consider social media to be their promotional site to promote their business within millions of audiences.

It includes the sharing of images, videos, advertising, and different other contents that lure the people to their site for their beneficial purpose. It is the most powerful and compelling instrument to come to your focus on and potential clients.

Current Social Media Marketing Situation in Nepal
Social media marketing is an endless source of free online marketing that is accessible to each individual everywhere throughout the world. The ongoing exploration of the social media realities of Nepal shows that Facebook is the main market with a sum of 9,857,000 people, with 32.6% of its whole population.

Digital marketing agencies are concentrating more on their social media factors as it has the largest number of audience in Nepal. Marketing your business through the use of social media is a bonus that remunerates your business. You can promote your product to millions of users with less cost and furthermore control your advertisement like you can target your desired audience and desired location for better conversions.

Things you have to consider for Social Media Marketing

Know your goals:
Set your goals before executing any of your plans. This is a smart business practice everybody should organize. You don’t have a clue what your business is going to turn in the coming days. Along these lines, plan everything with effective strategies that upgrade your social media marketing

Attractive content:
Content is the King! If you have really engaging content with graphical attractions like images, videos, gifs, and so forth at that point, individuals will consequently get pulled in and occupied with your post. If your content consists of only text and ugly images, at that point people won’t stop on your post. They will quickly look down for better content that they catch their eye.

3. Daily Post with Activeness:
Your activeness creates trust and unwavering quality to your audiences and followers. A decent connection between client and vendor is always a bonus to the business. In this way, get active and post regularly if you can, and also reply to your customers as soon as possible.

The clients are the jewel to your business along these lines, consistently keep your clients in high need and post the content focusing on their necessities and prerequisites.

Your site ranks in a better position when you are effectively associated with social media marketing. Your brand will be shown increasingly more in social media that way.

What are the Major Benefits of Social Media Marketing in Nepal?

1. Increment Brand Awareness
Sharing on social media straightforwardly expands your brand’s awareness as your brand would be shown to a huge number of clients. People will learn and think about your brand and business. You can make your business page on social media that help your brand awareness.

One of the significant accomplishments of the company is to make open awareness with respect to their business, which should effortlessly be possible through social media marketing. You can keep up a decent connection with the client through social media and makes your work simple to find the customer for your products.

2. Focusing on location and audience
Another great facility you can get through social media marketing is, you can focus on your ideal area and interested audience to ensure you get high changes. Without focusing on your audience, your advertising won’t be shown to the interested individual. Wrong focusing can highly affect the profitability of your business.

Along these lines, your advertisements ought to be shown to those peoples who have a high interest in your items and are prepared to get it. It will save your time, cost, and increment your deals and conversion rates.

3. Improve SEO rankings
Social media marketing drags huge amounts of traffic to your website, which is great on account of SEO. Having more traffic each day is a bonus point to your SEO rankings when people see and engage with your content, it increases clicks and impressions.

Social media marketing is a simple way that helps your SEO as it works as a catalyst for rankings. The more people love and view your content, the more your site positions on Google.

All things considered, your social traffic doesn’t generally influence a great deal, however it helps in positioning. Along these lines, never miss sharing your content and blogs on social media for traffic and changes.

4. Improve Customer satisfaction
Having a good relationship with your clients is in every case better for your business. It builds the client’s trust and engagement in all your posts. For picking up the trust, you need to satisfy your customers, earning their trust.

Various platforms of social media marketing in Nepal

Facebook is the most popular social media marketing in Nepal.32% of the total population is connected with Facebook social media. People make a Facebook page with their business name and start marketing their business services and products.

Instagram is a growing social media platform in Nepal. Most of the people are transferred to Instagram from Facebook as it provides a better user experience, qualitative content, faster load speed, and many more.

3. YouTube
YouTube is the second most viewed site in the world that surely makes Nepal one of them. Nepali YouTubers are as a rule more active these days leaving their footsteps in YouTube marketing. Likewise, people are getting more engaged in making video blogs and earning through YouTube.

Twitter isn’t generally utilized in social media in Nepal, yet it has some furor too. It is like Instagram where people share their images, status, and videos. Publicizing service is likewise accessible on Twitter, however, it comprises fewer clients on account of Nepal.

LinkedIn is a social media platform where professionals get connected and engaged for their own advantages. Rather than a communicating medium, LinkedIn works more as a business/profession uses. people share their professional details and anticipate the request for jobs. You can also post your business items, posts for marketing purposes, and promote them to a huge number of clients. LinkedIn has 590 million all-inclusive and 540,000 clients in Nepal.